Our Parampara
Kersy Katrak, our Founder and Chairman built some of the richest creative cultures this country has ever seen: MCM, Trikaya, Rediffusion, Enterprise, Lintas in its heyday.
The Republic is his youngest and most beloved child.

Our Structure
The Republic is run by creative and business planning minds from backgrounds as diverse as journalism, graphic design, theater, film, investment banking, calligraphy, direct marketing and advertising. Plus Muttley,
our mutt.

What do we do
The Republic is in the business of designing customer experience.  
We know the young, affluent, wired, urban consumer because we are the young, affluent, wired, urban consumer. It is a demographic whose relationship with brands is defined by a conversation, not a sell. Brand design takes centre stage, and getting the look and tone just right becomes critical to success.

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